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Until the new year:

How connect 3.3.5a:
World of Warcraft, simple -> download -> run wow.exe -> login -> hawe fun
You can download in torrent from there: WoW 3.3.5a

I Have World of Warcraft Installed:
1. Create account HERE
2. Go into your World of Warcraft folder (Most likley in "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft")
3. Go into your "enGB"/"enUS" or any other folder that looks similar.
4. Find the file called "realmlist.wtf" Open with Notepad.
5. Delete everything in there, and replace it with: set realmlist then save.
6. Go Back you your World of Warcraft Folder, Delete the folder "cache" and start WoW.exe

set realmlist

You may now start playing! If you need any help, do not hesistate to create post in Forum.

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WotlkFriend 25x

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